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Biochemistry Program


Biochemistry studies the chemical and biological structures and processes associated with living organisms, including humans. It is focused on understanding the structure, function, interactions, transport, and metabolism of proteins, nucleic acids (DNA & RNA), carbohydrates, various types of lipids, and bio-inorganics.

Biochemistry has an ever-growing range of applications including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical sciences, bioinformatics, biofuels and energy research, food science, toxicology, environmental and agricultural sciences, and even forensic science. The field of biochemistry, positioned at the intersection of chemistry, biology, and physics, provides opportunities for collaboration and cooperation between numerous disciplines.

Career Opportunities

Graduate School (PhD or MS) Medical School (MD) Medical School (DO)
Dental School (DDS/DMD) Pharmacy School (PharmD) Physical Therapy School (PT)

On average, close to 90% of our graduates continue their education in graduate programs. Many of our students are accepted to and complete Ph.D. or M.S. programs in a variety of chemistry- or biochemistry-related fields. A great majority, of those who apply, get accepted and complete doctoral programs in medicine, dentistry or pharmacy. Those who seek employment post-graduation, usually work in various clinical, academic or industrial labs. For more information, view the links above this paragraph or visit the Career Resources pages of the American Chemical Society and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Biochemistry Program Faculty

Daniel Demartini

Adjunct Faculty
SCB 313

Kikiana Hurwitz

University Laboratory Manager
SCB 325
(808) 675-4632

M. Takeshi Nakata

Adjunct Faculty
SCB 313

Jacqueline Rasmussen

Adjunct Faculty
SCB 313