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Mentored Research in Biology

"The research program during my senior year really made a difference in giving me first-hand experience. This also strengthened my application for graduate school."

-Student Testimonial

Students researching with lab equipment.

Mentored Research Program

Most of the faculty members in the Faculty of Sciences conduct independent and collaborative research work. All students majoring in the program of Biology are encouraged to consider their own scientific and research interests, meet with and learn about the research interests of the faculty, and then decide who would they like to choose as their mentor.

Research and relevant, independent laboratory experience are of great importance when applying for a graduate school or job in the sciences. Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree or employment in a laboratory setting are strongly encouraged to conduct and complete a mentored research project. They should strive to complete the qualifications required by their intended mentor and begin research work as early as possible. The earlier a student starts a research project, the higher the chances of completing it, presenting it during a scientific conference, and ultimately publishing it in a scientific journal.

The research faculty members strive to accommodate all students; however, sometimes the number of students who wish to conduct research is beyond the capacity of individual mentors. As a result, every student may not have the opportunity to be involved in research projects on our campus. In such cases, students should not simply forgo doing a research project. Instead, they should look for summer internship opportunities offered by graduate institutions, government or private organizations, and companies. We have many internship opportunities listed on the Graduate Schools, Careers, and Internships page.

When making research, academic or employment plans, students are strongly encouraged to meet and consult with faculty members, who are always eager to assist.

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