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Biochemistry Research

"The research program during my senior year really made a difference in giving me first-hand experience. This also strengthened my application for graduate school."

-Student Testimonial

A group of students doing an experement.

Faculty Assisted Student Training (FAST) Program

BYU-Hawaii offers a unique undergraduate research program to prepare its majors for post-graduate training and career opportunities.

Funds to support FAST Research Assistants have been generously provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to permit students to focus upon their undergraduate research and receive financial compensation for their research projects while earning degree credit and gaining relevant laboratory research experience.

Principal objectives of the FAST Program include:

  • To equip students with practical knowledge and laboratory research skills to increase employability in the biotechnology and biomedical industry or improve credentials for acceptance into graduate and professional schools within our targeted geographies in Asia and the south pacific;
  • To maintain and elevate biotechnical competency of BYU-Hawaii faculty mentors to provide effective training to undergraduate students;
  • To generate mutually-beneficial collaborative research relationships and student conduits (e.g., internships, post-graduate education, employment) between BYU-Hawaii and international biotechnology companies and premier educational institutions.

Key elements of the FAST Program include:

  • Faculty-mentored undergraduate laboratory research over a period of three semesters
  • University credit for undergraduate research courses while earning financial compensation
  • Funds to support:

    • Student wages (10-19 hours per week during classes; up to 39 hours per week during summer term(s))
    • Consumable supplies and minor equipment used in the laboratory to conduct project-related research
    • Travel to conduct project-related research and to present research results at appropriate scientific conferences

Contact a faculty member for more information.