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Psychology Program

Psychology is the study of the human mind, emotions, and behavior. Psychologists observe and record the way humans and animals communicate and relate to each other and to their environments. They observe behavior, make predictions, and test hypotheses scientifically. Psychology seeks to answer important questions concerning human identity, feelings, and the reasons for behavior.

The Psychology program at Brigham Young University–Hawaii provides students with a broad range of perspectives, problems, methodologies, and bodies of knowledge found in contemporary psychology. The program will introduce students to the basic scientific areas of psychology emphasizing theories, terminology, and research methods. Exposure to this knowledge base will facilitate the development of interpersonal skills valued in a variety of settings including family, church, work, and community. To the extent that these goals are met, students will be prepared for employment in (but not exclusive to) entry-level social science settings and/or graduate study in psychology and related fields.

We hope that you will find the information you need. If there is anything you would like to see here please contact us and give us your suggestions. We are dedicated to making the learning process memorable for students who desire to enter the psychology field of study.

Psychology Program Faculty
Assistant Professor
Academic Advisory Center Room 107
(808) 675-3844

Assistant Professor
Academic Advisory Center Room 111
(808) 675-3893

Assistant Professor
Joseph F. Smith Library Room 102
O: (808) 675-3955
Assistant Professor
Academic Advisory Center Room 117
(808) 675-3831

Associate Professor
Academic Advisory Center Room 111
(808) 675-3931