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Psychology Career Opportunities

Many psychology majors go on to do graduate work in psychology and other fields. Others work in business, particularly in personnel work. Others engage in varieties of social service, teaching, and administration. Psychologists engage in a variety of academic roles as teachers, researchers, and administrators and also provide counseling, clinical, and consulting services to individuals and organizations. Psychologists are employed by colleges and universities, public and private schools, clinics, and hospitals. They work in private practice and for corporations and government entities. The study of psychology has particular value for family life and for civic and cultural roles generally. The psychology major provides a well-informed perspective on human and organizational behavior in preparation for occupations in law enforcement, law, or business.

Most professional positions require a master's or doctoral degree, although a bachelor's degree may be sufficient to gain employment in high school teaching, mental health care, detention and probation services, auxiliary social work, personnel, or human resources. Further, the psychology major gives students a particularly strong background leading to graduate study in business, law, or medicine.

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