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Health and Human Science Program

Health and Human Science Program's overall objective is to develop men and women of sound mind, body, and spirit who will have an influence upon society in developing healthy lifestyles of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness and being. In order to succeed in our mission, the Health and Human Science Program is committed to the following three major goals:

  1. Instill in each university student, habits and attitudes that will promote a healthy lifestyle complementary to the doctrine of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Assess needs, analyze challenges, and communicate solutions to issues in health and human science within Asia and Oceania.
  3. Plan, implement, promote, and evaluate health-related programs for individuals, families, and communities.

Academic Advisor

Health and Human Science Program Faculty

Chauncey Ako

Adjunct Faculty (Sciences)

Thomas McBride

Adjunct Faculty (Sciences)